5 Best Cafes to Work From in Lisboa

Below you will find a list of the 5 best coffee shops with free and fast WiFi in Lisboa, Portugal. A hand-picked list of the best cafes to work remotely from.

The average internet speed of cafes in Lisboa is 15 Mbps. This download speed was collected from 5 different cafes and 11 unique check-ins by real members of our community.

The cafes are ranked by the speed of the WiFi connection, their workability, and popularity. Rest assured, the coffee shops have free WiFi access for all customers. You are allowed to open your laptop and work from these cafes. Make sure to support the company by buying a cup of coffee or something else from their menu every now and then.

The results are updated regularly, check back later for new and updated coffee shops. Please contact us if you think we have made mistakes or if you have any tips and suggestions.

You can contribute to the list by logging in, checking in by running a WiFi speed test and submitting information about the place you are visiting.